Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Le Black

LA Noire is a game developed by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar Games in which you control Cole Phelps and solve a few cases in the Los Angeles of 1947. This game encompasses gunfights, fist fights, car chases, witness questioning and suspect interrogations.

First off, let me tell you a story about this game. There was a murder case in which a woman was brutally slain in the school car park. A bloody tire iron was found to be the murder weapon. A bloody rope wich was tied around the victim's neck was found. A bloody mechanic's suit was found with the initials of the husband on the front of it, all in the victims car. When going to investigate the husband, the daighter tells us that he is a violent man.

The husband confirms that he is a mechanic and great at tying knots in ropes. It is also revealed that he has absolutely no solid alibi. When leaving the house I notice that he's burning something in the incinerator, bloody boots, the size of which matches the size of the boots used in the crime scene. I lock him up and he's taken to Police HQ. The neighbour tells us the husband and victim had an argument right before she left to die.

I go to investigate the school's car park and meet a pedophile sneaking around. It is revealed that he has the brooch of the victim in one of his pockets. He claims that he found it around where the crime occurred. He gets taken to Police HQ.

Upon arriving at the Police HQ, the captain tells us that he's well acquanted with the pedophile and gives us the choice to interrogate and lay the blame on whoever we want. He then goes to say that whatever our choice, he'll interrogate the pedophile and ensure he gets jailed for as long as possible.

I interrogate the husband to find his explanation for burning his boots and all the evidence against him. He goes on shouting how he'd never hurt his wife and that he was burning the boots because we wouldn't understand. That's his explanation. I choose to charge him with murder and get yelled at for it. The captain explains that he's going to demote me and my partner. Why? Because we left the child as an orphan to live with her auntie instead of her murderous dad.

I am dead serious, this is basically what happened in one of the murder cases. Thank you for giving us a choice and blowing it Team Bondi, I won't forget this.

Aside from this, this game is absolutely chock full of glitches and bugs. Several times when attempting to run through a door, Cole decided to run up the building to come down from the other side. And my partner, whoever it is at the time has serious issues with getting into the car with me. I once had to get out and hijack some other person's car so he would actually get in.

Aside from that the voice acting in this game is absolutely ace. That's one thing that's good about it. Great game.

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