Tuesday, 11 October 2011

First Gameplay Footage: Hitman Absolution

My my, now isn't this a pleasent suprise? Gaming's most ruthless assasin, Agent 47, seems to have finally decided to come out of hibernation following his long absence since Blood Money. The 'Run For Your Life' demo walkthrough just below you displays a multitude of different aspects previously unseen in Hitman titles, with sneaking, tense gun-play and a cinematic vibe all being a part of IO's new (and frankly overdue) direction for the series.

Some may argue this isn't the Agent 47 we know, what with the focus turning on manshooting in latter half of the demo, and the eye sore of a HUD aswell as the 'wall-hax' raising questions amongst some, but don't be dettered; it's much to soon to write off the game as such. For now, enjoy a well constructed demo that reaches some dramatic peaks and end with an anticipation loading bang.

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