Monday, 1 August 2011

Dino-D Day

Or better known as everybody rush as Nazis to always make unbalanced teams. As far as most people are concerned, it seems that this game is only worth playing as the more dinosaur-prominent Nazi team.

Did I hear unbalanced? That's pretty much the theme of this game. The Nazis have the most versatile and fun units while the Allies are stuck with one dinosaur that's worse than any the Nazis get and like 7 humans, only half of which actually do anything to win the game.

Because of this, there are ALWAYS 2 more people on the Nazis team. I don't blame those people, but haven't any of you heard of good sportsmanship? Stick with your team instead of constantly team-shifting like a filthy whore hopping on different cock every minute.

Speaking of unbalanced, the Nazis get a slow, but heavily armoured dinosaur capable of locking an entire team in their base. I kid you not, it takes a whole smg clip and two pistol clips to take one of these fuckers down (or two direct hit rocket launcher shots or 3 perfectly aimed grenades). Two of these armadillos will garantee a win in any match.

But is the game unbalanced? The allies get this nigger called Nigel something who has a shotgun for his primary gun. What does this shotgun do? It doesn't. I've tried aiming the thing down a dinosaur's neck and pulling the trigger while paitently waiting to die, because the dinosaur bit my dick off after not even getting hurt.

He's not even the worst. There's this panzy called Hardgrave. He has the worst weapons ever. A rifle that is hard to aim when a dinosaur is tearing your ass and impossible to mannyly reload, and a pistol. Assuming you're some kind of gaming god and can stack up to 3 kills with him, you can make him get all angry and invincible, killing all enemies with one punch each. Then he's pretty ok.

Another huge issue with this game is that nobody seems to understand what a game mode is. You get kiddies running around trying to snipe some kills while the enemy is capping their point. I've had many situations where I've cleared out a whole area of enemies only to be sniped. Surely my allies will easily cap the poin- Oh, nevermind, none of them are even in sight of the darn thing. I've gone velociraptor (the unit with the least health) and capped the point without any enemies interfering. None of the enemy made any move to retake the point at all. It's saddening really. Get your priorities straight.

Is this game worth the five dollars? Yeah, you can easily get that much fun out of it. If we're lucky, the developer might even start fixing the game to make it even the slightest amount balanced. Then he can take my money.


  1. Dino D-Day's a great game and for 5 bucks you get a refreshingly fun concept. Just too buggy atm.