Thursday, 4 August 2011


Limbo is without a doubt a unique game. It is comprised of puzzle and platforming elements with a splash of horror. Everything in this game is shaded in black and white hues, with some film grain effects and eerie ambient music, maybe this is where some people found the horror in this game (lol). You play as a young boy who traverses through traps and obstacles to find your sister. Lacking in any kind of obvious story and narrative factors, you are left to your own devices in figuring out whats what.

You're in a world where you're an insignificant insect and you are constantly reminded of this. The world is extremely depressive, with its art style and death animations.

The gameplay is basically "trial and death". You will die. The point is, you learn from your mistakes and should be able to pass the obstacle easily once you find its trick. Yeah, about 70% of all deaths in the game are probably not your own fault, but the game is coo' (looks quite nice) enough so that you won't ragequit. Much. Probably.

About the puzzling, the first half of the game contains ridiculously simple puzzles, getting more and more intricate the further you advance. From pushing and pulling items, you soon begin controlling gravity, dodging bullets and outrunning huge spiders and tribesmen. After most of the puzzles, you'll wonder how you ever got stuck on the part.

The platforming is for the most part, easy. Your character floats towards ledges and makes grabbing them much easier. Towards the very end, the game pulls some dirty tricks on you, and you can try again and again to complete a certain puzzle, only to have luck screw you over. I despise having aspects of luck ruining your progress in a game, but I understand that luck is essential to most games. It may just be a ploy to extend the gameplay time, but there's nothing I can do about it. All I see it doing is promoting frustration.

Horror. Scares. Some people claim this game is somewhat scary. Maybe if you have a severe case of arachnaphobia. If you find yourself leaking liquads during this game, then I can admit that I'm ashamed as a human being.

The fun part of this, is that you can make whatever assumption you want. Take nothing for granted when playing this game.

Unfortunately, all the fun stuff stop happening halfway through the game and replaced with constant puzzles until its abrupt end. It's quite dissapointing, since there are a few memorable sequences in the first half, and its almost like the level designer had a rebellion and crowned himself king of puzzles at the start of the second half.

Is this game bad? No. Should this game be considered the messiah of modern-day platforming and puzzling? No. Should you play it? N-Yeah, sure.

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