Thursday, 29 September 2011

FETHREER (lol what the fuck)

Fear 3 is a shooter with horror elements and was designed with two-player co-op in mind. And I emphasise this. You miss out alot if you play only the single player, like me.

That being said, play Fear 3 in co-op, or don't play at all. The game isn't good enough to merit playing by yourself. In multiple occasions I've found myself having to fight a boss or two, wondering why the game was so bloody difficult. It seems there's no difficulty scaling at all, depending on if you're going solo or not.

Many of the cutscenes and story plots don't make much sense either, as the brothers, Pointman and Fettel appear together, but after the cutscenes he dissapears (or helps you if you've managed to string someone along into playing with you). Actually, generally the plot is very weak. Half the time supernatural shit is happening that wasn't explained very well to me, such as why The Creep even exists (OHMAGOD PLOT SPOYLAS no), and why these random demon dogs start spawning half-way through the game.

Pointman has the ability to slow down time (he has superhuman reflexes) and this allows him to have great accuracy and superb fighting skills. Fettel has the ability to shoot projectiles and possess enemy soldiers. He doesn't however have the ability to pick up weapons as he's dead but still kinda walking around as a red misty ghost (which is never explained or even mentioned).

This game has indeed scared me a few times, but the majority of the game is just a modern FPS. Without the brothers, it does seem very generic and sometimes very boring. Like I said, you need two people for this game to be something special. But those few horrific times were very horrific. Having only a few scary moments makes those moments that much more special and unanticipated.

The difficulty of this game is crazy. When the game doesn't have a new kind of boss type to throw at you, you see two or even three of those bosses walking around, WHICH IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT, THESE FUCKERS CAN WALK THROUGH WALLS AND SHRUG OFF BULLETS LIKE THEY ARE NOTHING. YOU WANT TO REGENERATE YOUR HEALTH BEHIND A WALL? FUCK YOU, HERE'S A BOMB INSTEAD.

Now, if only if I can kidnap somebody and force them to play this game with me...

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